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Dear Ones,

Today’s wellness design lesson is how to use the color orange in your wellness or healthcare space.


#1 Don’t get all Donald Trump on me by painting your entire clinic, waiting room or treatment room with orange, like the dude does with his skin and hair. It’s too stimulating, unbalanced, and feels downright unhealthy. Blech! No wonder that man can’t sleep.

#2 Even though one of the scariest presidents our country has ever seen is the poster child for the color orange (and tanning salons), don’t be afraid to use it or her various shades of peaches, corals and fall leaf tones.

When used on the ceiling, orange casts a rosy glow on the faces of your client peeps waiting for their appointment with you in the room below. 

Orange also works to heighten self-confidence and gives a boost of joy—an important emotional contribution to a nervous client or patient.

When used appropriately, orange feels delicious in the body, like being kissed by the sun on a warm spring day.

#3 – If you’re a little on the orange shy side, paint the walls and ceiling of your storage room, closet, small bathroom or onsite laundry room your favorite shade. 

Each time you open the door to that room, you’ll get a quick blast of orange love on your nervous system that can work in much the same way your favorite cup of mocha latte with cream on top does. This is especially helpful on those cold and dark winter mornings when your energy is low.

#4 – Don’t randomly select a wall in your waiting room (or any room in your space) and decide to paint it orange.Accent walls require thought and study to determine if they contribute to separating the space (chaos) or serving another purpose like way-finding to a hidden bathroom.

If accent walls are really your thing, I urge you to consider thinking of the ceiling as your accent wall and express your orange there.

I talk more about accent walls, ceiling colors, how to use orange and my top favorite paint colors in my book, “The Color CureHow to transform your healthcare office, clinic or treatment room into an oasis by choosing the perfect paint.”

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