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Every Friday morning in downtown Sebastopol (the town where I live) you can find men and women on opposite sides of the political spectrum, standing peacefully on opposite sides of the street holding up signs for their causes.

On one side of Main Street and Bodega Avenue, you might see the older male veterans who wave the American flag and a sign that says, “Keep America Free” or “Support Our Troops.”

And across the street you will see supporters of women, people of color, the LGBTQ community and the environment holding other signs that say things like “No Fracking” or “Black Lives Matter.”

This tradition began long before we moved into this charming town three years ago.

Of course, I was curious about the origin of these protests, so I did some research.

What I found was fascinating.

Here’s the story:

In the 1850’s, before Sebastopol got its name and it was a tiny-little-nothing of a town, there was a general store located in the downtown area called Dougherty’s Store.

One day two men named Stevens and Hibbs (I bet those were their last names) got into a fistfight.

Maybe Hibbs was getting his butt kicked so he darted into Dougherty’s store to seek refuge. In any case, the owner of the store protected him and for the next several days and weeks, Stevens would often pace outside the store waiting for Hibbs to come out.

Right around the same time Hibbs and Stevens were fighting, halfway around the globe there was another fight going on at the port of Sevastopol (in what was Russia at the time) between British and French soldiers who invaded the area and fought to gain control. This was called The Crimean War of 1856.

Sebastapolians in California thought that Hibbs and Stevens were acting a lot like the British and French soldiers over yonder in Sevastopol port, Russia.

The name Sebastopol stuck. And to this day, people still protest near the same spot as the original Dougherty’s Store.

That got me thinking about a little thing in Feng Shui design called predecessor energy.

Predecessor energy is the tradition, energy or imprint left behind from someone or many people in a space, town or country like a thumbprint. And this energetic thumbprint influences future generations and future occupants.

For example, I’ve seen health and wellness business owners purchase furniture from a store or company that has gone out of business or has declared bankruptcy.

In Feng Shui, this is considered bad predecessor energy because of the imprint left on the furniture or other items now in your space.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly if indeed this ensures the demise of businesses… but it certainly can contribute to it.

If your health or wellness space was formerly occupied by someone who was always sad and depressed, you can also feel that.

So what can you do?

Redesign your space, pronto.

Paint the walls a new color and replace any old furniture that has negative past or present associations with new and positive ones. That includes wall art that was handed down to you by your great Aunt who died of tuberculosis in 1928.

When you do this you clear away the old stuff and infuse positive, new energy in your space and your business.

When you finish with your new design, I encourage you to have a party! Invite your patients, clients and staff, friends and family and show them the new space. This will not only bring new life to your health practice or business, it will also build your local community.

Get the help you need to start redesigning your space today:

See you on the corner of Main and Bodega,