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Last night, I dreamt I hung out with the actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

Me & Gwyn sat down in a living room together and I began to ask her questions about what it was like to be famous, exposed to the world, etc., etc…

Her initial response was protective and defensive. She didn’t want to share any details about her life for fear I would share them on social media.

She didn’t trust me.

Then, I backed off, she took a deep breath and came back to the conversation with an open heart and ready to share, sans the cigarette.

Of course, upon awakening, I immediately started to think about the messages of the dream.

And then it hit me…

Very soon, I’m about to be OUT in the world in a new way.

For example, this morning, I’m a guest on the popular wellness podcast, The Beauty Biz Show and sometime this week, I launch a daily [M-F] podcast I am co-hosting with Rhea Mader called, The Wellness Design Podcast. [Don’t worry, I promise to let you know when it goes live.]

I’m pretty sure Gwyneth showed up in my dream to remind me to relax, take deep breaths and trust the process.

That go me thinking about you and your wellness business.

Have you experienced something similar when….

You’re about to open a new person-centered wellness clinic or healthcare facility, offer a new service, raise your prices or start your new healthcare business altogether with a deep breath full of trust and suddenly you feel anxious and your mind starts trying to protect you by coming up with all kinds of what-could-go-wrong scenarios?

If you’re answer is yes, send me a note here¬†and tell me:

#1 – How did you manage the emotional part of your growth? Was there something that got you through it like a mantra, a meditation practice or… ?

#2 – Did the person-centered design of your healthcare space play a role in helping you trust and move into your greatness?

#3 – Did you have the support of the community behind you or were you simply comfortable with risk taking when you raised your prices or expanded your facility, etc.?

I can’t wait to read your answers.

Your Cheerleader,