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There was one important detail I left out of my big car accident story in Friday’s story that I wanted to share with you today.

In the accident, I lost my right eyebrow.

Lying in the hospital bed, I asked my doc if it would grow back.

He looked into my sad brown eyes and gently replied, “There’s a 50% chance it will.”

My heart curled up into such a tight ball, I could hardly feel it.

Up until that moment, I had a healthy social life.

It was summertime and I was off to the beach every weekend with my boyfriend and bff, hanging out and doing normal teenager stuff.

That all suddenly stopped.

The good news?

My right brow DID grow back, hurrah!

But not exactly the same as it was before.

To this day, without some eyebrow makeup love, it doesn’t look the same as the left one.

Over time, I’ve learned to love and deeply appreciate my right eyebrow.

She has taught me humility, grace and acceptance.

And yes, I admit, when I see me some beautiful eyebrows, I do get a twinge of eyebrow envy.

And that’s okay.

My big message for you today is one I’ve shared with you before:

Not everything in life looks perfect on the outside, but it kinda is.

When you feel stuck and impatient about things in your work and wellness or healthcare space you think aren’t the way they should be, I encourage you to first take a deep breath.

Then ask yourself this question:

“Does the space around me communicate my compassionate work to the world?”

And then follow up that question with, Does my work space make me feel deeply nurtured and safe?”

If your answer is yes, then it doesn’t matter how it looks.

And if your answer is no and you want to create a wellness environment that speaks not only to the needs of your patients, but to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs, then get started here:


Because you deserve it.

With love from me and my right eyebrow,