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Dear Ones,

I just got a new indoor plant for my design studio and I sing to her everyday.

She’s a seven-foot tall Kentia Palm tree and her fronds hang like the most exquisite hands of a belly dancer.

I’d been on the hunt for a tall indoor plant [thank you Cyndi Hackett — Plant Whisperer] to place on the other side of my desk where I could look at her every day and feel her loving, nurturing vibe.

And even though it may look like her tips are spiky, [hard, spiky plants can cause increased agitation in the environment], in the real world, they are very soft to the touch.

Kentia Palms [along with many other indoor plants] provide the following health benefits to your wellness space:

#1 – Non-toxic to pets, so if you’re a Veterinarian, this may be a good choice for your clinic.

#2 – Efficient air purifiers, Palms can pull toxic chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde out of the air we breathe.

#3 – Emit water vapor like a living humidifier, helping the indoor air feel more comfortable.

My big message to you today?

In addition to the health benefits of indoor plants, they can [and do] bring waves of deep comfort to your patients and clients while they are waiting for their appointment with you or while receiving a treatment.

They also bring a feminine quality to your masculine decor with their soft curves.

Curves in your design help to balance all those square and rectilinear shapes in your furniture, windows, doors and room shape.

The balance of feminine and masculine in your space is what creates that cozy vibe everyone loves.

Studies have shown that indoor plants reduce conflict among peers in offices and increase a sense of well-being and luxury.

That translates into everyone loving your wellness space even more.

And if you feel like singing to your plants, I highly recommend it.

Get the help you need to start creating a nurturing vibe in your wellness biz space you and your peeps love today:

With love from me and Kennie,