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When I was 17 years old I was in a car accident that almost took my life.

It was my birthday and on our way home from a party, I leaned over to kiss my first boyfriend Randy [who was driving at the time] and the next thing I knew I was in an ambulance on the way to the ER.

Quite a kiss, right?

That accident changed my life and put me on the path I am on now–helping you design nurturing and safe spaces for your patients that grow your compassionate biz.

Almost 31 years later and I’m going to admit it here, I internet stalked Randy.

Well… sort of.

A few days ago, I randomly Googled my first love and found out that he is now happily married with four children and is a…. dentist.

Suddenly the car accident had deeper meaning and I knew it was no accident he and I shared the experience.

For me, I lost my front tooth along with suffering severe cuts to my face.

My hundreds of hours spent as a patient in and out of doctor and dentist’s offices over the years became the experiential part of my professional training.

And for Randy, maybe there was something that came out of the experience that inspired him to pursue dentistry with passion and drive, as his bio explained.

That got me thinking about the path we all take and how nothing that happens to us is truly an accident.

For example, it’s no accident your patients and clients fall in love with you and your team when you intentionally design your waiting room, treatment or other health or wellness space that makes them feel less pain, frustration, agony and suffering.

Think about all the people you [and your environment] touch every day by having a space that instills hope, optimism and love into the world.

And think about how much the world needs love to counter the fear-based media and culture we currently live in.

Get started on creating a nurturing wellness space today: