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You may have noticed I’m no longer posting articles here every weekday. No, I haven’t dyed my hair purple (yet) and run off with the circus (yet)…

I am now showing up once a week here on Monday mornings.

Today is my first Monday Design Letter to you.

How did this happen?

A dear friend sent me an article by Martha Beck entitled “Learning To Command Your Time” and it totally flipped my lid (in a good way.)

In the article Martha discusses prepping for a workshop to help 15 brilliant, mission-driven physicians as part of Dr. Lissa Rankin’s Whole Health Wellness Institute.

These physicians, exhausted with the current reductionist medical care system in the United States and the burnout associated with it, are ready to change their work and their lives in radically new ways.

This part of the article was especially interesting to me:

“All of them (the physicians) crush more activity into an hour than most people do all day. But what gets crushed includes activities such as being present with the person who is dying, or eating a nutritious meal leisurely, or assuming an easy, relaxed pace as they open a human body and tinker with the mechanisms inside.”

That got me thinking:

How are we all managing our time and what are we crushing into one hour that is sacrificing some other area of our lives?

Where are we lacking presence and with whom and how might that be creating imbalance in our lives?

For me, I’m slowing down to a cruising speed and becoming more present.

In the last 3 months, my time has been spreading thinner like melted butter on a warm piece of toast.

Truthfully, I’m getting busier in a totally badass way—with clients, my podcast, writing articles for some major niche publications and my book The Waiting Room Cure I’m dying to get out the door and into your hands.

And I’m grateful.

It’s time for me to command my time so I can be more present with the things that are important to me, like being present for all the exquisite details in my work and helping you create a custom design unique to the needs of your business.

If you are learning to command your time I recommend reading Martha’s article.

And if you’re ready to level-up the professional aesthetic of your healthcare office and desire a custom design in 1-2 days, I’m taking new clients starting in September.

I’m only taking 3 clients a month so I can devote my 100% attention to moving you from the world of infinite design possibilities to the one true YES that transforms your healing environment and business into an exquisite, highly-profitable, patient-attracting, referral magnet.

If you’re ready to step into your greatness, hit this link now and tell me about your project.

In the meantime, feel my tight squeeze.

I’ll see you next Monday morning.