My clients came to me with complaints of a nit-picky clientele, a disjointed feeling in the space, and the need for a higher professional aesthetic to match their new pricing structure. The space had loads of natural light but the design felt too dorm-room. It’s okay to have some furniture pieces from Ikea but it all has to flow and your seating has to be top-notch.


The owners, clients and spa practitioners overwhelmingly love the new space. Nit picky clients went from 25% of clientele to zero within two weeks of the design installation. Without expanding the footprint, the new design radically opened up the reception, allowing for more comfortable seating along with feelings of amplified spaciousness. Profits ARE WAY UP. Within the first three months revenue increased by 66.7%.

… Revenue has increased by 66.7% during the slow summer vacation season

The results of Cheryl’s design have been insanely positive. Our perspective on the business has become more confident and we are seeing an immediate increase in revenue too!

The new design has helped us level up in every way. Clients respect us more while visibly feeling more relaxed and cared for. Staff morale and job satisfaction have gone way up. Practitioners tell me they feel proud to work here.

The best part is the greater confidence my business partner and I feel about expanding to a second location, which will happen in mid 2017.

Candace Combs

Owner | In-Symmetry Wellness Spa | San Francisco, CA

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