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Hi Loves,

True story.

Three years ago my clients hired me to help with the interior design and Feng Shui of their new Acupuncture Clinic and Chinese Herb Pharmacy.

The old building was located in an up-and-coming neighborhood in Portland, Oregon.

On my way to our first appointment (and as I was looking for parking) I felt the sadness of the area around me.

I walked into the old industrial space before it was built out, when it was dirty and painted a terrible color. The space was in desperate need of love.

I guided my clients through inspiration for what the space could look and feel like, taking into account every detail.

One issue I immediately became aware of (that was a big Feng-Shui UH-OH) was the location of the bathroom—in the left rear of the facility from the perspective of the front door or the Wealth Area in Feng Shui design.

The Feng Shui Wealth Area is the area in a room, space, building or land where the money energy of the occupants or owners of a health business lives.

In my client’s situation, there was a toilet smack-dab in the Wealth Corner and that big-ole hole in the ground connected to a pipe that drains from the toilet into the earth taking with it their money energy… down the drain.

And in fact, when I asked my clients about the history of their future acupuncture clinic, they admitted the industrial space saw seven businesses come and go over a two-year period. 

Let me repeat that. Seven businesses came and went over a short two year period.

So what do you do when your toilet lives in the money zone of your wellness or healthcare business?


You get to work making that bathroom the most exquisite expression of money and wealth you can imagine.

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Paint the walls and the ceiling a gorgeous purple, eggplant or other rich medium to dark color you LOVE.
  2. If the toilet is old, replace it with a new dual flush water saving one.
  3. Always keep the lid on the toilet down and if you are not able to place a lid on the toilet due to the American Disabilities Act regulations, then hang a beautiful plant from the ceiling over the toilet. Print these words on a piece of paper, “Please be kind and keep the lid down”, frame it and give it a home on the back of the toilet.
  4. Hang a large 50mm Swarovski crystal over the toilet. You can find these on Amazon for little money. Along with the plant, these crystals keep energy moving upward and in the opposite direction of the downward movement of your big-ol hole in the toilet.
  5. Hang artwork that feels luxurious. Yes, luxurious. That could be things like sumptuous macro-flower art in pinks, purples, whites and yellows. Or your idea of luxury might be images of the Taj Mahal. Whatever you decide, select artwork that feels rich.

Above all, make the experience in the bathroom an extension of the compassionate care you provide in your entire facility, clinic, or treatment room.

Bathrooms are more than just places to relieve ourselves. They are places of respite and allow privacy for your patient peeps to begin to process a treatment or important conversation.

Bathrooms can also be precious spaces that hold us like comforting arms when we need a good cry. 

Always make sure your bathroom is a place that cultivates optimism and hope. Your patients and clients and your money will thank you ten thousand fold.

“So what happened to my client’s new acupuncture business?” You ask.

The business has been thriving in this location for three years and growth continues.

Get the help you need to start redesigning your bathroom now:

Cheers to keeping your money in your pockets and not in your toilet!