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Dear Ones,

Last night I slept for ten hours.

The second my head hit my extra soft pillow at 7:30pm I was out like a light.

Lately, I’ve been suffering from what in the world of electricity is referred to as a brownout orĀ “a reduction in or restriction on the availability of electrical power in a particular area.”

Unlike a blackout when there is zero electricity in an area, a brownout in my body means that even though she has been asking me to rest and restore, I’ve been pushing through managing the many details of moving into a new design studio, writing my new book and running my business.

Sound familiar?

I know I’m not the only one experiencing a brownout these days.

Many of us are going through big transitions in our lives and need extra support.

How are you managing and how are your patients and clients doing these days?

Here’s some quick help:

2 Ways To Bring Instant Calm Into Your Wellness Space

#1 – Next time you [or your cleaning crew] clean your treatment room, exam room or your entire facility, use the essential oil Eucalyptus in your process.

Eucalyptus is one of those essential oils that acts as an natural astringent to clear away stressful energy left in a space after you, your colleagues, staff and patients have been feeling stressed out in the space over a period of time.

You [and everyone else] will instantly notice the improvement and your space will smell great.

This is my current favorite.

#2 – To start creating a cozy vibe in your treatment or waiting rooms, replace any cool compact fluorescent lighting with warm incandescent or LED ones.

As you may have heard me mention many times before, cool white fluorescent tube lighting has been banned in Germany by the government because of the science that supports it is harmful to the health and well being of its citizens.

Also, their light makes color appear dull and unnatural.

CFL bulbs also contain mercury, which can be dangerous if broken and are difficult to dispose of when they burn out.

Incandescent lighting these days in the United States comes with a halogen bulb and modern LED light bulbs are now very close to the warm light of incandescents of the past, but with all the energy saving properties we’ve all come to love.

And finally, if you’re feeling like now is the time to repaint the walls of a room in your health or wellness space, but you haven’t a clue what color is best, I’ve made it super easy for you here:

With love from brownout recovery,