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When you’ve recently purchased a new healthcare practice, in addition to gaining the existing patients, you sometimes get stuck with an office that hasn’t been updated in twenty+ years.

Such was the case with my client and dentist Dr. Adam Diesburg and his wife Emily who hired me to help them transform their new dental practice into a nurturing powerhouse of prosperity.

View the before pic of the waiting room above.

And here’s how it turned out:

Here’s what Dr. Diesburg’s wife Emily said about the new design:

“The response has been overwhelming,” she said. “We have seen more than 100 new patients come in since working with Cheryl, and some patients who were on the fence about trying someone new have been thrilled to be welcomed into our new space when they visit the practice. 

One of the best things we’ve noticed is that people want to stay in our waiting room for as long as they can. Respecting our patients’ time is very important to us, but it means a lot that often they will stay in the waiting room after their appointments in order to finish an article or just hang out.”

My big message for you today?

Don’t let a small space fool you into thinking you can’t have a highly profitable wellness business.

Bring your medical office, healthcare practice or wellness business into 2017 with a nurturing, patient-attracting, referral-generating new design now:

You’ve got this.