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Season 1 of The Wellness Design Podcast has wrapped up 64 delicious episodes to get you moving your hiney into gear to create some magic design stardust in your treatment room, waiting room or other healthcare space.

You can binge listen to a bunch of episodes at once or pick one a day and listen while you’re on a walk, or driving in your car, at the gym or on a lunch break.

Don’t miss out on this freebie.

Rhea and I don’t hold back when it comes to giving you free design tips, tools and guidelines to turn your wellness business into a badass powerhouse of goodness.

When you follow our design advice, you can expect to see results, sometimes instantly, like when you paint a wall a new color or, like when one of my tribe members shared the story about a client who started complimenting her space after she replaced her square coffee table with a round one.

(Learn more about the importance of balancing your square and rectangular shaped furniture and decor with curved ones on the podcast.)

It doesn’t take much to start revamping your healthcare practice or wellness business into a exquisite environment that keeps your heart and the hearts of your patients and clients loving you and returning for more of your services.

When you redesign your healing environment with attention to how the space makes your patients feel, your patient/client retention rates start to boom and your referral business shoots through the roof.

Over the past 14 years of doing my work, I’ve seen dental practices, healthcare and wellness businesses triple their volume and income within the first six months after the new design is installed.

You can easily and effectively attend to the design of your medical, dental, healthcare office or wellness treatment room for free by subscribing to The Wellness Design Podcast here:

This week, I’ll point you to different golden design nuggets in episodes you won’t want to miss.