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Hi Peeps,

For the past year I’ve been listening to you.

Listening to the high value experience you’d love to offer your patients and clients with a new interior design for your healthcare space.

I’ve been listening to how stumped you feel when it comes to figuring out your budget and how in the heck to implement the design changes and in what order, etc.

And I’ve been listening to how overwhelming the process can feel for you.

Helping you figure these things out is what my website, books, courses and now my newest design services are intended to do.

You see, for the past several years, I’ve become a self-professed monomaniac at figuring out what design elements and colors effect the brain to reduce anxiety, fear-based worry thoughts and how to increase that “it feels so good in here” feeling in your wellness space, so much so that patients become your besties and refer the bajeebies out of you and your business.

Over the past year, I’ve especially been listening to how I can serve you best, regardless of where you live on planet Earth.

So, without further adieu, I’d like to introduce to you three sparkling new and global design services that can help you achieve your desire of creating a high value, patient-centered experience in your waiting room, clinic, offices, treatment rooms, etc.

The 3D Custom Design & Drawings Package includes 3 to 5 three-dimensional designs of your waiting room (from different perspectives).

What do these look like? Great question. See samples of my custom drawings and renderings here.

Who is the 3D Custom Design & Drawings Package Best For?

✅ You are fabulously busy running your healthcare or wellness business, and you don’t have much time to DIY the project yourself.
✅ You’d love a new design for your waiting room and help with your office design without having to make a zillion tiny decisions. You prefer to have Cheryl make these choices for you with your final approval.
✅ You know your waiting room needs a transformation, but you need help visualizing what that new design will look and feel like.
✅ You believe in the power of evidence-based and holistic design to improve the experience of your patients/clients and add value to your business.
✅ You’ve been putting off the new design of your business for awhile,
and your gut is telling you that it is time to take your business to the next level.

This design package is perfect for you if you want to do the work yourself, but need the guidance and vision of a professional. You’ll get one-on-one expert design coaching from start to finish.

Who is the 5-Week DIY Design Support Package Best For?

✅ You love design and decorating, and enjoy making design changes yourself and/or with the help of staff, friends, beloveds and family.
✅ You have the time to meet once per week and are committed to making these design improvements to your space.
✅ You have the time to shop on your own and review Cheryl’s design recommendations in-between the weekly design meetings.
✅ You can visualize your new design when it is described to you in detail, and you don’t need detailed renderings/drawings or illustrations for that.
✅ You feel confident in taking the design process step by step, and enjoy being coached through the process.
✅ You’re comfortable moving furniture and decor on your own. When things feel and look right, you have a gut or intuitive knowing about it.
✅ Coordinating details like who is going to paint your new wellness space, 
hang your new artwork, etc. is totally doable for you.

Maybe you just need some guidance on a small project or something that you’re stuck on.

If that’s the case, consulting with an professional by the hour might be the best route for you.

With Hourly Design Consulting, you’ll get:

✅ In-person or video conferencing calls via Zoom
✅ To “pick Cheryl’s brain” about any aspect of evidence-based design and/or Feng Shui design.

👉 Get more details on each of these services and how much they cost by following the link below:

As always, if you have any questions, send me a note here.

Yours in health,