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When my Grandma turned 90 she decided to start taking a yoga class for seniors. How cute is that?

After the first couple of classes I asked her how it was going.

She shared that her teacher Guru Jaya taught his students the art of self-healing and self-love begins with the body.

Whad’ya mean?”, I asked.

“He tells us to kiss our hands and arms several times a day and we will improve our health,” She said.

She then proceeded to demonstrate this concept by kissing her arm and saying, “I love you.” This was followed by an infectious roar of giggles. 😂

Every Tuesday morning Grandma climbed into her 1975 green Honda Civic hatchback and drove to the local senior center for Guru’s yoga class.

Grandma was already youthful for her age, and this yoga class made her feel even younger.

So tomorrow at Thanksgiving remember to love yourself by kissing your hands and arms and saying, “I love you.” You might even giggle.

All kidding aside, thank you for being in my tribe of compassionate doctors, dentists, healthcare practitioners and wellness business owners.

Your work is so dang important. I love helping you create a relaxing and friendly healthcare space that makes your work easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

Feel my squeeze 😘,