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I woke up this quiet Christmas morning, turned my head (a little too fast) and ouch! I pulled something out on the left side of my neck. 😳

I’m writing this very carefully and slowly as I simply sit and relax my neck and my body–the perfect plan for this Christmas day (and seeing a matinee of The Last Jedi, of course! 😀)

I also read something very interesting (just before I pulled out my neck) by Seth Godin on the concept of kindness and its scaleability:

“Kindness ratchets up. It leads to more kindness. It can create trust and openness and truth and enthusiasm and patience and possibility.”

After reading the above, I found myself nodding in agreement several times.

Kindness is the foundation of your work (you’re the hero or heroine in your patients’ stories!)

And when you design your office with the experience of your patients and clients (and everyone else who works in the space) in mind, you are amplifying the kindness factor in your business.

People will in turn feel naturally inclined to reciprocate (we’re wired that way) and will share their experience with friends and family and on social media). They will also want to return to your healthcare business for more of your kindness.

Kindness is the new business model. Kindness scales patient satisfaction and referral business. Kindness = love.

Kindness is the glue to building relationships with patients and staff who love you and love being a part of your tribe.

And speaking of tribes, thank you for being a part of mine.

May this Christmas day fill your hearts with deep gratitude for every moment of every last cookie. 😉