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The modern healthcare experience is starting to look more and more like the love child of your favorite tech-savvy café and a 5-star hotel.

And not just any 5-star hotel; the kind of drool-worthy experiences you see people sharing on Instagram. 🤤

Year ago, this was something one might hear about while at a conference or read about in a magazine. It was kinda rare.

And even though I have been advising my clients to create a cozy, home-like experience in their healthcare and wellness spaces for many years now, it’s now happening on a larger scale and I couldn’t be more excited! 💃🏽

Boomers and Millennials, the two largest adult populations in this country are setting the bar high, and influencing healthcare design.

Boomers love the best of the hospitality industry and want their healthcare spaces (and senior living facilities) to offer those same experiences without compromising clinical excellence.

Millennials, on the other hand, desire hip, tech-savvy offerings in your waiting room (like comfy sofas and chairs with power sources and usb ports built in to them) and beautiful artwork.

The experience economy in this country is growing.

People are paying more (often out of pocket) for a wellness experience that makes them feel special.

And as this trend is picking up steam, I’m seeing more and more examples of this.

I’m noticing that my clients are already showing up with this love child vision of their waiting room design (for example) instead of me having to convince them.

Case in point: I recently designed a waiting room for my dentist client who is listening to the desires of her tech-savvy millennials with young kids, and installing beautiful round wood bar-height cafe tables and chairs.

This, next to the play area and in the same waiting room where her older adult patients wait for their appointments in a 5-star hotel lobby like experience. It’s so sweet!

And just last month I helped a prosthetist (who makes artificial limbs, mostly legs) design a new waiting room with an open help-yourself kitchenette next to community tables (for the extroverts) next to a lounge (for the introverts) all in the same modestly-sized room.

Pretty cool right? (Don’t worry, I’ll post pics when they become available.)

What are you seeing in your neck of the woods?

Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Are you inspired by this “lattes, scones and five-star hotels” vision?

Send me a note HERE now and tell me your vision of how you want your healthcare office or wellness space to look and feel.

Cheers to the love-child healthcare design revolution 🥂!