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Dear Peeps,

It’s official; the year of the crazy Monkey has ended and we’ve moved into the fiery Chinese Year of the Rooster.

And it’s feisty.

According to Chinese Astrologer Laura Lau, “Rooster’s energy is almost guaranteed to ruffle a few feathers and this year will be anything but boring.” 

That could translate to some heightened and hard emotions [including anger, irritability and frustration] among your team, colleagues, clients and patients.

Laura’s advice for the year is to “stay organized, think through all of your actions, and above all else, don’t slack off. The Rooster favors those who put in the hard work and stick to a plan.”

My advice?

Lead with compassion, like a boss.

When your systems are organized, there is less likely to be emotional blow-ups and pissed off roosters squawking around.

And when your waiting room, exam and treatment rooms and other areas in your clinic, business or healthcare practice feel nurturing and calm for everyone [including you], you can expect the rooster’s feathers to remain un-ruffled and his voice calm.

My wellness design tip for you today is this:

Think about what you could do right now to help create a restorative and safe vibe in your health or wellness business for your staff and patient families.

For example, maybe it’s finally time to get rid of those glaring overhead fluorescent tubes that dominate your waiting and exam rooms, and replace them with simple overhead light fixtures that soften the lighting and help cozy up the space.

Or… perhaps it’s time to bring in some living, breathing indoor plants to your waiting room that’s been feeling off lately.

Not only do plants clean the air in a space, they also have been shown to foster collaboration among staff and contribute to higher job satisfaction among nurses and other team members.

Compassion shows up in many ways.

Lead like a boss and take good care of your peeps. Your business [and everyone else] will love you for it.

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