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We recently met our new friends at Gypsy Cafe in Sebastopol.

Steve and Azja sat down at our community table to eat breakfast, introduced themselves, and sparked up a conversation around the delicious food we were all hankering for.

Azja said to me, “I know this sounds weird, but I was told to tell you this story.”

She then proceeded to tell me about her journey with a group of friends to climb the great Machu Picchu in Peru.

She went on to explain…

“We were about to start our long journey up the mountain, and one of our friends, Rodolfo, became very sick and was rushed to the hospital where he stayed very ill.”

The neurologists on staff said there was absolutely NO WAY he could go up the mountain because of the high altitude up top and with the swelling in Rodolfo’s head related to a possible brain aneurysm, the trip was too dangerous.

Instead, the doctors recommended he be sent home ASAP.

When Azja and her friends came to the hospital to visit Rodolfo and do Reiki work on him, they noticed an overwhelming amount of indoor plants everywhere throughout the rooms and the corridors of the building.

Azja said she instantly felt the plants’ healing energy and it was unlike anything she had ever felt or seen before in any medical setting back home in the states.

The group of friends performed energy work on Rodolfo in his hospital room.

Within 24 hours, Rodolfo not only felt better, he was able to leave the hospital and continue on his journey with his friends up Machu Picchu.

He was completely healed.

So what happened?

Okay, so there’s no obvious scientific evidence that shows how Rodolfo got better so quickly after the doctors said he was in serious trouble.

The Reiki energy work certainly could’ve been it… for sure.

However, when I asked Azja about this, she explained, “The second I stepped into that hospital, the plants overwhelmingly felt healing to me and I knew I was in a special place.”

Despite the overwhelming evidence showing how live plants in healthcare and medical spaces accelerate healing, decrease reliance on pain medications and reduce sick days among staff, I still see people’s resistance to bringing plants into their healing spaces.

I totally get that it’s more responsibility to care for plants (on top of caring for your kids, your spouse, yourself, your work, household, pets, etc.) but… it’s TOTALLY worth it.

More and more hospital and medical settings in our country are incorporating nature into the built environment to promote this tremendous healing quality.

I encourage you, dear healing practitioner, to do the same.

Plants infinitely provide healing to all areas of the body.

Science agrees and so does anyone who has benefited from being in nature and around plants.

Get the help you need to start redesigning your healthcare or wellness space here.

With love from your biggest supporter,