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Have you ever wondered what your patients or clients think about your healthcare space (and your business) when they first step foot inside your front door?

Do they think, WOW, this space is amazing” or do they instantly cringe from the body shock of harsh overhead lighting and/or unfriendly artwork?

Is it love or hate at first sight?

Research tells us that we earthlings make up our minds about someone or something in the first 15 seconds of meeting them or entering a new space.

I know I do. And then it takes some effort for me to change my mind. That’s called normal.

Regardless of what type of healthcare, medical or wellness care you specialize in, first impressions are responsible for setting the tone of your patient or client’s visit.

Positive first impression = sustainable, long term, financial vitality.

In fact, I dedicate an entire chapter in my new book–The Waiting Room Cure: The healthcare practitioner’s guide to transforming the waiting room in a nurturing and highly profitable referral magnet—to the why’s and how-to’s of creating a first impression in your waiting room that keeps your peeps feeling delighted, friendly and spreading the good word about their amazing experience at your business.

Here’s a quick peak (from the book):

“Is the book finished?”, You ask.

The answer is, “YES!” Virtual high-fives everyone! The Waiting Room Cure book is finally finished. I have spent the past 6 months creating a book that will help you DIY your own person-centered waiting room!

The book is filled with all the design bells and whistles that make it easy for you to learn. In it I share my top waiting room design advice in easy-to-digest chapters, and I show you how you can take your business from down-in-the-dumps to full-fledged badassery starting with a few redecorating sessions.

With 340 pages of waiting room design juicy-ness, including over 100 high-resolution waiting room design illustrations (created by moi!), I’m hoping you will find it joyful and FUN to get started on creating the wellness space of your dreams.

Now the bad news (which is not really bad news).

I am still working on the technical side of things to get the book to you.

No worries, though. In the next 2 weeks I plan on having it up and ready for you to purchase with one click.

And don’t worry, I’ll be giving away some copies too. 🙂

Thank you for the work you do in the world! I’m thrilled to help you step more fully and completely into your power by designing a waiting room that keeps your business flourishing for many years to come.