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Today I’ve got a brand new episode for you on The Wellness Design Podcast!

Here’s the subject: 💰 Money, Feng Shui and your wellness space!

I know I’ve talked about this subject on the podcast before, but… today I go deeper into the subject of the green stuff with a fun and fabulous guest—interior designer and Feng Shui practitioner Marina V. Umali.

More specifically, you’ll learn the following:

👉 How to find your money corner in your healthcare office or wellness space and what it means for your business
👉 What decor items help you (and your patients) value you, your staff and your practice (and feel good about paying you premium rates)
👉 Why indoor plants make people feel luxurious and when to use spiky plants vs. the soft rounded ones and why
👉 Why you don’t have to use traditional Feng Shui cures like the money toad statue to attract money, opportunities and great clients and patients into your space
👉 If the outer reflects the inner in Feng Shui philosophy, what you can expect to feel on the inside (psyche, emotionally, mentally, physically, etc.) after you’ve made Feng Shui improvements to your space

And finally,  I know you’ll love the stories Marina and I share that relate specifically to the Feng Shui money of your waiting rooms, reception and lounge areas and wellness spaces overall.

My intention is that you’ll leave the podcast episode with a much better understanding of what your stuff in your space means to your relationship with money, and how to feel better and more confident about all your design choices.

👉 Start listening here:​

🥂Cheers to you and your fabulous business,