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Last week list member and tea aficionado Andy Pennington (yes, he’s definitely a Brit and a great guy!) sent me an email with a link to an interesting BBC radio documentary on The Story of Tea.

I think you’ll love the documentary and it might even be a fun topic of conversation with your patients.

You can listen to it here:

My favorite part was imagining the legend of the first Emperor (and Herbalist) of China, Shen Nung, in 2737 BCE, sitting under a tree sipping his hot water in a cup and suddenly a dead leaf from the wild tea bush fell into the water and voilà! You’ve got tea!

I did a quick Google search and the image that came up (shown below) was pretty darn close to how I imagined it:

Speaking of tea in the waiting room, I wanted to share more about the hospitality table in the waiting room.

Regardless of whether you or your team serve your peeps tea or offer a self service station, here are some fun hospitality placement ideas for your waiting room taken from Chapter 16 – The Hospitality Table – in my book, The Waiting Room Cure.

In the massage therapy waiting room (shown above), I placed the self-service hospitality table next to the door to the clinic. This way it is seen from every angle, within easy reach for everyone in this large reception.

It’s also very pretty and aesthetically appealing to everyone in the office!

Your hospitality table (and everything on it) can become a gift to all your patients who are challenged with all kinds of pain. It’s an offering that your patients and clients will not forget.

Your hospitality table is something that sets you apart from others in your field.

Your hospitality table is something that comes from your heart and reflects your compassionate and generous spirit.

Here’s a waiting room in a natural medicine clinic:

The design of the space is styled like a living room at home and therefore, patients here feel more comfortable and at ease.

The hospitality table selected for this space has a more rustic style to it which fits into the aesthetic of the practice owner. Patients love it!

Regardless of what style of hospitality table you choose for your reception or waiting room in your office, make it personal and place things on it that bring you joy and that your team also loves!

To get more design inspiration and learn more about the hospitality table, grab a copy of The Waiting Room Cure here:

With love sipping on tea,