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I had the cutest moment at the grocery store yesterday.

After work, Philip and I walked over to our local Whole Foods Market to grab some coconut water and a few other items missing from our refrigerator.

It was raining and by the time we got there, my hair was soaked and I resembledĀ a wet Komondor. [See above pic.]

While in the express check-out line, the young sales associate said to us, “Aw, you guys are so cute. How long have you been together?”

My immediate thought was, “What? Me cute, right now? Us? Huh?”

And then I giggled and smiled.

Of course; It’s not about how we look on the outside.

She instantly felt our deep love [for each other] on the inside.

And that love radiates out into the world far beyond what the eyes can see.

That [invisible yet powerful vibe] is exactly how the feeling of being in your patient-centered health or wellness space works.

Your people-centered design is not about creating something beautiful on the outside and calling it a day.

Your intentionally designed waiting room, treatment or exam room or medical office is an exquisite wellness space that exudes the comforts of home with things like comfortable furniture your patients and clients can sink into, plants that help purify the air and lighting that is easy on the nervous system.

It doesn’t take much to get started on creating a space you, your team, clients and patients crush on every day.

It does require intention and taking it one step at a time.

Dive in here:

With love from your [no-longer-wet] Komondor,