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I can always tell when I’m overly stressed-out or anxious by the way my dog behaves.

Malcolm, our 17-year-old red heeler, acts like his sole mission on this earth is to mirror my calm or anxious state by either following me everywhere, acting frantic or sitting relaxed in his cushy orthopedic bed.

Maybe it’s his cattle dog genetics that prompt him to study me throughout the day, taking my emotional pulse when he’s not busy sleeping.

Does your dog do this?

Last Thursday morning I was a guest on the popular podcast DocPreneur.

I’d been looking forward to it all week.

The show is produced by Concierge Medicine Today and the host, Michael Tetreault, is friendly and fun to talk to. I’ll send you a note when it goes live.

Early that morning, I had a sudden bout of anticipatory anxiety about being live on the podcast …. and Malcolm knew it.

He woke up next to me, seemingly restless and concerned for me, staring at me with those deep black eyes that melt my heart every time.

Was I projecting my anxiety onto him?


Either way, I got the message. I began to consciously slow my breath as I relaxed into my surroundings.

Malcolm calmed down and fell back asleep in his sweet spot next to me.

So what helped me return to my center, beside positive self talk and focusing on my breath?

My office space, of course.

Large windows flood the room with natural light, a soothing wall color feels like a hug, a comfortable, ergonomic seat supports my tuchus, and artwork (that makes me feel deeply connected to my soul) hangs on the wall next to me.

And you know what?

Your waiting room, office, treatment room or staff lounge can help you, your team and your clients find that deep well of inner peace when they need it the most.

Your patient peeps who are either afraid of needles, in physical pain or are concerned about a recent medical diagnosis can find their center again… in your space.

It might be the only space where they can finally relax their shoulders and sink into a quiet uninterrupted moment.

It might be their favorite place.

Above all, the experience you offer is the gift you give–the one that keeps on giving even when you’re not around.

The benefits of designing a patient-centered space include:

  • Surge in client loyalty
  • A warm and welcoming space
  • Financial vitality
  • Community and relationship building
  • Increase in referral business at an average of 35% in the first six months
  • Increase in staff job satisfaction and the reduction in job turnover

Kind of amazing right?

Get the help you need to start revamping your wellness space now: