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“What took you so long?” She asked when I told her about my new Online Design School for Healthcare Entrepreneurs.

“It wasn’t the right time. The stars and my inner voice needed to align in the deepest, most authentic way,” I responded.

–Excerpt from Cheryl’s conversation with her invisible friend Rafaela who also happens to be her Guardian Angel.

Dear friends,

I have exciting news!

I’m offering my very first free webinar on Tuesday, September 12th at noon (Pacific Time)!

Uh huh, yup… me and you (and as many friends as you want to invite!) will gather online for my very first FREE webinar on the subject of… drum roll please…


After 64 podcast episodes of Season 1 of The Wellness Design Podcast and another dozen or so more guest appearances on other amazing podcasts, I’m finally now inviting you to my first free webinar to talk more intimately about the importance of the design of your waiting room and what that means for your healthcare business.

Specifically, I’ll share how to easily avoid the 3 worst waiting room design disasters and instead, how to begin designing a waiting room that will delight your patients and clients, and keep them coming back for more of your awesome care.

Just for showing up to the webinar, you will receive a juicy free chapter of my new book, “The Waiting Room Cure: The healthcare practitioner’s guide to transforming the waiting room into a nurturing and highly-profitable referral magnet.” 

Your (free) sample chapter is Chapter 4: You’ll Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression. In it you will learn how to create a positive first impression in your waiting room with over a dozen design illustrations to demonstrate this in full high-resolution color.

And, if you weren’t able to take advantage of my 24 hour book sale last Wednesday, you’ll get another big fat 25% price discount on the book, again, just for showing up to the webinar.

That’s almost $30 bucks off the book with 320 pages and over 100 high resolution waiting room design illustrations to get your inspiration juices flowing.

And yes (!), I will also be talking about my new Online Design School for Healthcare Entrepreneurs and my first course that begins on September 19!

I’ll give you all the deets on the webinar, pinky swear. 😉

For now, please accept my invitation.

Simply click this link to register: (It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy and will take you about 5 seconds to complete.) 

I’m excited!

Until then, feel my squeeze,