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I had my first panic attack when I was 29 years old.

I was running a successful wholesale furniture business–designing prototypes, exhibiting in design shows around the country, marketing my product lines…

I was also feeling so weary, so spent, so tired, so jacked-up and wiped out and bone dry and aching and depleted.

One night I was sitting in a small theater watching a play with a few dear friends when an intense wave of anxiety (if you’ve had a panic attack you know what I’m talking about) came up from deep within the depths of my soul and turned into the first of many internal tsunamis in my life.

What helped me recover?

Apart from a committed daily practice of meditation, yoga and a healthier diet (taught to me by some wicked smart nutritionists), spending time in nature was the thing—my temple—that played an indispensable role in restoring me to wellness.

The color green in her various shades of light to dark filled my senses every day on my long walks.

I felt relaxed, nurtured and safe around green. 

Most of our planet is covered in green and there’s a reason for that.

Here’s the science and psychology behind the color green:

  1. Green lowers blood pressure and connects us to nature.
  2. Green makes us feel stable and grounded.
  3. Green relates to endurance and strength.
  4. Because of its link to the heart, green encourages us to nurture others.
  5. Green represents the good listener, the good parent and the helpful neighbor.
  6. Green is calming and symbolizes renewal and balance.

Most importantly, green is healing.

My 3 current favorite green paint colors for the interior walls of your healthcare space:

#1 Devine Palma by Devine Paints – A luscious green that will remind you of rich green palm trees in the tropics.


#2 Devine Breeze by Devine Paints – A mature green/blue color that will instantly transport you to the calmest tropical seas and island breezes.


#3 Cay by Serena and Lily Paints – A soft light green that makes you think of crisp spring mornings in the garden


Get the help you need to select an intelligent paint color for your healthcare clinic, facility or wellness business now.

With green love,