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Dear Ones,

Many years ago when I owned a furniture and decorative accessories company in San Diego, California, I fantasized about being on the Oprah show.

It was one of those fleeting moments that came and went and I thought nothing more of it.

Cut to recently when I was included among several smart and savvy women on the latest episode of the wildly popular design podcast, “A Well-Designed Business” with LuAnn Nigara, the brain behind the podcast.

Now I feel like I’ve had my Oprah moment.

My Oprah moment wasn’t actually going on the Oprah show or sitting down with her on Supersoul Sunday.

It was being included among change-makers in the field of design who are helping to heal the world.

You can listen to the podcast episode 165 here and hear LuAnn talk about my work around the 9-minute mark:

Your Biggest Supporter,