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Within 30 minutes after returning home last Friday (after getting my front tooth drilled down to its stub) I bit into a small piece of chocolate and the apparent earthquake that ensued in my mouth loosened my temporary front tooth and it popped off.

(My brother–the dentist–did tell me to treat it with kid gloves and truthfully, I thought I was.)

I left the temp off and and for the next few hours kept smiling at my beloved Philip just to see him roll over laughing at my very oddly shaped front tooth stub. (Totally worth it just for that.)

Later that evening, hubs took a trip to our local Rite Aide where he bought me some Fixodent (aka denture glue) to see if I could reattach my temporary tooth for the next two weeks while the lab magicians make my forever new front tooth. **swoon**

Cut to Saturday and sadly, the Fixodent was just not doing its job. How in the heck does it hold in those dentures, if it can’t hold one tooth in place? (New business idea anyone?)

For now (and for the next two weeks) unless I decide to drive two hours each way (again) to see my my bro, Fixodent and I will be close buddies.

Why am I still ranting about my front tooth today?

There’s a good reason, I promise.

And it has to do with first impressions.

First impressions of your medical office or wellness space speak volumes of how your patients and clients feel about you, your staff and your work.

Did you know that within the first 15 seconds of meeting a new person or stepping into a new space, we humans will make a judgment about what is in front of us that is oftentimes hard to get unstuck?

First impressions are the subject of today’s episode of The Wellness Design Podcast.

Rhea shares a story about a 3-year old girl who after visiting her Psychiatrist dad’s newly designed office space, refused to go in.

Her first impression made such an impression on her dad, he decided to take matters into his own hands and redesigned the space to make it feel more nurturing and safe for his patients.

There’s a lot you’ll learn about what your clients and patients see the moment they walk through your door and why it matters to your bottom line.

Listen now:

Your temporary toothless lady with a big smile,