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Years ago, when I lived at the Oregon coast I got to design our dream home.

It was a sweet, eco-friendly modern, space with huge floor to ceiling windows facing south to capture as much natural light as possible.

And it worked.

The views into the forest bathed in natural light were magical.

I often felt peaceful and relaxed in my body.

At night, however, these same windows–big and full and naked and overwhelming–suddenly looked (and more importantly felt) like giant black holes in the Universe.

They made me feel unsafe.

It turns out there is something about uncovered windows at night that contribute to anxiety in humans, especially us sensitive ones.

And it turns out that same feeling of anxiety can instantly be remedied with beautiful and soft draperies, woven or fabric shades that create feelings of ease and cozy in the space.

My point today?

When your patient comes to see you for an evening appointment (especially in the winter when it gets dark earlier), I know you want to do everything possible to make that experience feel safe, nurturing and deeply comforting.

By adding decorative treatments to the windows in your practice you help create a loving and tender patient experience they will remember for life.

“Okay, so how then, do I choose the right window treatments for my space?”, you ask.

I gotcha covered.

Start the flow of inspiration by checking out my new Pinterest Board: Window Treatments for Healing Spaces.

I created it just for you.

Oh, and don’t worry, I’ve included options for all budgets to fit into your healthcare standards of cleanliness and beauty.

I know you’re gonna love it.

Get there now by clicking on the pretty image below.


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Yours in Heart and Health,