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Yesterday, Philip and I ditched our morning work session for breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants.

The place was bustling with hungry people eating delicious and healthy comfort food.

We grabbed a table and very quickly ordered.

I was hungry. Really hungry.

Suddenly a huge rush of people streamed in and grabbed tables.

And the place was even more jam packed.

After what seemed like a long time [to me] our food finally arrived.

I think between the space of ordering and our food arriving, I experienced five states of anxiety, and the noise from so many people crowding in the space around me only made things worse.

After I ate, I was fine. I felt grounded, relaxed and my tummy full.

That got me thinking about what happens when your patient or client forgets to eat before coming in for their appointment with you.

And on top of that, imagine if you are running 20 minutes late.

Does your wellness space amplify your patient’s anxiety with harsh lighting and bare walls?

Or does your wellness space help your patient calm down by providing a table where tea and water are readily available?

These are just a few examples of how your patient-centered healthcare or wellness space can be part of your team.

Your space can relax your peeps even when they are hungry, anxious and you are running late.

Thank God.

If you’ve been on the fence about getting started on creating a nurturing wellness space your peeps want to return to over and over again, here’s the help you need:

With love and a full belly,