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Recently, a beloved client sent me a fascinating article with a study that revealed elderly hospital patients live longer when treated by a woman internist.

According to the study: “Medicare data analysis indicated within 30 days of admission, patients who had been treated by female instead of male internists showed lower odds of death and hospital readmission.”

I’d like to repeat that:¬†Hospital patients who had been seen by a woman doc showed lower odds of death, aka they lived longer and stayed out of the hospital more often than when treated by male docs.

Why is this?

Citing previous literature, the authors pointed out: “There is evidence in the primary care setting suggesting that, compared with male physicians, female physicians are more likely to provide more patient-centered care.

And then there’s this too:

“Patients of female primary care physicians also experience fewer emergency department visits compared with patients of male primary care physicians.”

And even though these findings show that female internists provide higher quality of medical care for their patients than their male counterparts, they are still under-supported and paid less than male docs.

The article doesn’t get into too many specifics of how this plays out, but if you’re a woman [like me], the answer is fairly obvious.

Research reveals that women are oftentimes better listeners, more organized, and more compassionate than men [in general; this is not true of every man of course.]

In my experience healthcare and wellness professionals I’ve worked with over the past fourteen years–both male and female–have understood the importance of creating a space that feels safe and nurturing to their peeps.

Regardless of your gender, if you want to create a patient-centered space that saves lives and grows your business, get the help you need here: