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When I first moved to Sebastopol three years ago, I made an appointment with the local Veterinary clinic for our beloved senior dog.

It was time for Malcolm’s six month exam.

The moment we walked through the door and into the small facility, I was hit in the face with the overwhelming aroma of… urine.


And… I just couldn’t get over it.

When the lovely woman behind the reception desk greeted me, I was still focused on the bad smells.

When I met the very competent and super sweet Veterinarian, I was still focused on the bad smells.

The clinic appeared to be very clean, with a friendly staff and expert docs.

And yet, when I left the appointment, I knew I would never come back.

I was still focused on those awful smells.

Today’s wellness design lesson is this:

A really bad smell can take up precious attention.

And you can lose patients and clients over it.

Bad smells apply to lingering scents of chemicals used to clean your health or wellness space, reminiscent of how your skin smells of chlorine after a long swim.

5 Easy Tips To Keeping Your Wellness Space Smelling Fresh

1—If it’s mandatory to use harsh chemicals to disinfect your space, open the windows regularly to allow the smells to dissipate.

Then, spray a generous amount of lavender or rose water afterwards into the air. 

Keep those bottles around and use them regularly in your space throughout the day. Make this a habit.

2—Environmental Aromatherapy – This is a fairly new way to scent your space. A commercial essential oil diffuser is hooked up to your HVAC system and refilled once a month, via a subscription, with essential oil blends of your choosing.

It’s super easy to maintain and works like a dream. Read more about medical scenting here.

3–-Use an in-room essential oil diffuser and add a few drops of your favorite scents to it throughout the day.

A few drops go a long way in creating a scented space that feels comfortable and relaxing.

This is one of my current favorite essential oil diffusers.

4—Ask the peeps who clean your office or clinic to use environmentally friendly cleaning products. Ask them if they can integrate essential oils into their cleaning protocol.

Lavender and Orange essential oil scents have been shown in studies to uplift moods in patients in waiting room settings.

5—Keep scented flowers around in your treatment room, waiting room or office and replace them weekly. You, your patients, clients and staff will LOVE this.

Lastly, take the scent test yourself. Most likely, what your patients smell, you and your staff are noticing as well.

Become aware of the scents in the morning when you first arrive to your office and before your nose adapts to the existing bad smells.

Then, make the necessary changes to improve the aroma pronto. 

Learn more about the best paint finishes to use for your healthcare space that are environmentally friendly and aroma free here:

With love and lavender,