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I recently finished writing my new book, The Waiting Room Cure: The healthcare practitioner’s guide to transforming the waiting room into a nurturing, highly-profitable, referral-generating dynamo… and I’m flippin’ over the moon about it!

This week (and for the past several weeks) I’ve been in my design studio creating illustrations for the book to visually demonstrate how to design a waiting room that keeps your patient/client retention rates high and referral-business flowing.

To give you some perspective, the book has been written and returned from my editor and I’m currently creating about 50-75 large illustrations for the book.

Each illustration takes me about one day to complete.

The last one I created (just a few days ago) is of a new dentist’s waiting room and I spent several days on it.

Take a quick peak above.

I was having one of those days where I couldn’t make up my mind about certain details and it seriously slowed me down.

I slipped into an old pattern of perfectionism and I was completely aware of it.

I lost several days nit-picking over various details when all of them were perfect.

I felt overwhelmed and insecure. I was way too in my head about it.

I took some time away to clear my overworked head and now I’ve returned to my virtual design studio more confident then ever and with a renewed commitment to embracing imperfection.

I’ve learned over the years that spending way too much time tweaking a project like mine, a website design or the design of your space can cost you time, money and exhaustion when you are too far gone to see what’s really important.

If you’ve ever struggled with perfectionism in your design projects and want to learn how it can hold you back from achieving your dreams, you are going to love Episode #30 of The Wellness Design Podcast, “Give up perfectionism & learn how to move forward with your design project.”

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With love from your perfectly imperfect healthcare interior designer,