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Hi Sweet Peeps,

When I was seven years old, my Grandma first told me the story of Platypus, the duck.

Here’s the scene:

It was Los Angeles in the 1950’s. Grandpa worked for himself as a lawyer. Grandma was a full-time stay at home mom who cooked, took care of their two young children (the youngest was my mom) and did all the housework.

They bought their home in 1948 for $8,000 and it was sold in 2004 for $800,000.

During the 1950’s Grandpa’s entertainment business clients often paid him in precious jewelry. He graciously accepted and gave the jewels to his wife. I still have a few of her exquisite rings today.

They lived on his salary which was often lean and required a committed and oftentimes restrained budget.

One day Grandpa showed up in the kitchen with a young duck. Grandma named him Platypus.

Grandpa told his wife that Platypus was a future meal and one day he would come into the kitchen and ask her to cook the duck for dinner. Grandma agreed.

In the meantime, Grandma and Platypus got along famously. He was adored by her and she by him. He had a special area in the back yard where he would waddle around and quack, all the while entertaining my Grandma as she laughed and laughed. She grew to love him.

Several months later, Grandpa decided it was time to kill Platypus, and brought his carcass into the kitchen presenting Platypus to Grandma to cook for that evening’s dinner.

Grandma was not pleased. Her heart was broken. Her best feathered friend was no longer around and she couldn’t bear the thought of eating him. Instead she handed Platypus back to Grandpa and decided they would bury him in the backyard.

So, how does the story of Platypus the duck relate to your wellness business or health practice?

Not much really.

Except this.

Storytelling is a powerful way to connect with your patients and clients. By sharing your stories, you help your peeps relax and see that you are more than a stranger in a white coat. You are a compassionate human being who cares about their well being.

Your healthcare environment also tells stories. Stories of peace and wellness in your artwork, comfort and support in your furniture and optimism in your wall colors.

These stories win your clients/patients over the moment they step into your space. They build trust, loyalty, community… and your bottom line.

Get the help you need to start your design project now:

Love and Quacks,