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Here’s something different (and FUN) for this week’s design tip for your healthcare practice: a POP-QUIZ!

I wanted to get you thinking about where you sit in your office while doing computer work, returning phone calls or during those essential in-person patient conversations.

This is important because where you sit influences how you feel about yourself (aka self-confidence) and how patients respond to you (aka respect, trust, confidence.)

Let’s get started!

#1 Which is the best seat for the practitioner in this Orthopedic Manual Therapist’s office?

Again the question is: Which is the best seat for the practitioner?

a) The chair next to the floor lamp
b) The chair closest to the plant

#2 Which is the best seat for the doctor in this Naturopathic Physician’s medical office?

Again the question is: Which is the best seat for the doctor?

a) The chair closest to window
b) The chair furthest away from the window

Send me your answers here.

Next week I’ll share the correct answers to the Pop Quiz and why where you sit in your healthcare space is SO dang important.

Yours in Health,


P.S. If you know someone who has a healing or healthcare practice who might benefit from this article, please share it with them. You never know when something as simple as repositioning an office or treatment room chair could rock someone’s wellness practice (in a good way.)