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Last weekend, our beloved dog Malcolm passed away suddenly and peacefully. He was just shy of reaching 18 earth years.

Malcolm radiated light, always beaming with joy even on the saddest, darkest days. He showered me with radiant light and I already miss that light. My heart hurts bad.

I’ve often heard that when a human is on her death bed, she doesn’t think about the kitchen remodel she always wanted or other gains in the material world. Instead she remembers the most important relationships in her life—the love and loss of soul mates, friends and family.

That got me thinking about the importance of creating a nurturing healing environment for your patients and clients, team members and of course, for you.

Regardless of whether you are an esthetician, massage therapist, dermatologist or dentist, your patient-centered healing environment is not about the material things within your waiting or treatment room.

Your patient-centered healing environment is about how those material things (like supportive chairs, healing art, and soft lighting) when grouped together create a compassionate space that works on your behalf to build strong relationships and sustain those relationships for many years.

A patient-centered design is in many ways like a bear hug that holds your patients deeply through the good times and the bad—the pain of disease and the joys of healing and optimal health.

Remember this next time you are laboring over a new wall color or guest chair.

And ask yourself the question, “Is this design element I’m about to select nurture my client, patient, staff and/or me?”

If the answer is YES, then you know you’re on your way to designing a wildly profitable healthcare and wellness business you and everyone who steps foot in your door repeatedly says, “I don’t know why it feels so good in here, it just does.”

Relationships are your bottom line. Nurture them.

To life,