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Dear Peeps,

Many years ago on a wet and rainy dark night in Los Angeles I was driving along Hollywood Boulevard with my BFF in my old 1975 burgundy Volvo, singing out loud and banging our heads to ACDC’s “Back in Black.”

Suddenly, we got a flat tire and the car came to a squealing halt.

In those days I was in my 20’s and never really prepared for a car emergency like getting a flat tire in the middle of a busy four lane road with other Angelinos honking and yelling at me to get out of the road.

Neither I nor my BFF knew how to change a tire and we were scared.

No cell phones existed at that time and I didn’t have an Auto Club [AAA] card.

Suddenly out of nowhere a small car pulled up and parked alongside my Volvo. A man in his 30’s jumped out of his car, popped opened the trunk and grabbed his jack, lug wrench, flashlight and gloves, and quickly ran over to help.

He barely said a word to us while he replaced the tire [with the spare]. He worked fast and like a pro.

And then just like that, he got back in his car and drove off.

The whole thing happened so quickly, it felt like Superman had swooped in, saved the day and then moved on to helping the next person in need.

When he was getting ready to leave I asked, “What’s your name? And where do you work?” I wanted to make sure to send him a thank you card the next day.

He said his name was Mark and he worked at a local auto repair shop. After that he was gone.

The next day I called the shop, hoping to thank him again for all his help… when the man on the other end of the receiver said there was no one who worked there with the name Mark, and there never was.


For a long time afterwards I often thought of our Mr. Mark and silently wished him well.

Maybe for Mark it was no big deal to help a couple of young women in need. But for us, it was the world.

We were frightened and felt unsafe and didn’t know how we were going to get home.

Mark took us from a place of feeling anxious and afraid to feeling safe and well cared for.

You, dear physician, therapist, acupuncturist or other wellness professional, do the same thing for your patients and clients.

You take your peeps from a place of fear and uncertainty to a place of comfort and knowing. 

You help them feel safe in knowing they are receiving the best care possible from you and your team. And you help them feel relaxed and at ease in your space.

If something has been bothering you about your waiting room, treatment or exam room or other area within your clinic or practice or wellness business but you just can’t put your finger on it, now’s the time to get the help you need.

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With love and ACDC on the brain,