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Last weekend, I moved into my new design studio on the second floor of a charming building, originally built in the late 1800’s.

Located in the heart of downtown Sebastopol on Main Street, my new studio is smack-dab in a business community, to be honest, I don’t know that well.

So far, everyone has been super nice.

After I unpacked a few boxes, I noticed this happening outside the window:

Per Sebastopol tradition, every Friday, you can find men and women on opposite sides of the political spectrum, standing peacefully on opposite sides of the street holding up signs for their causes.

These sweet peeps were holding up signs that read, “More Love” and simply talking to people in cars driving by… spreading the love.

I smiled and considered them my welcoming committee even though they didn’t notice a brown-eyed Jewish woman studying their every move from the upstairs window.

I could’ve walked over there, introduced myself and received a hug. And I thought about doing just that.

But, that day, I was feeling shy.

I was feeling so shy it reminded me of my first day of Junior High in the 7th grade when everything around me felt so unfamiliar and I didn’t know yet where my locker or the bathroom was.

I breathed into this new feeling and gave myself a hug.

Sometimes, it takes courage to do something new… even moving into a new space.

And sometimes it takes courage to invest in creating a health or wellness space that supports you, your patients, clients, team and your work in every possible way.

The symbology of this step means you are stepping into the next chapter of your work.

If you’re ready, get the help you need here:

With More Love,