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Selecting a new paint color for the walls of your healthcare office, treatment or waiting room can be overwhelming. This book makes it easy and FUN to select melt in your mouth good wall colors you, your patients and staff love!

With over 100 waiting room design illustrations, you’ll find yourself quickly immersed in the book, inspired and guided to transform your waiting room into a space that delights patients and keeps referral business flourishing.

Conversations between healthcare interior designer Cheryl Janis and big-hearted industry professionals, designers, artists, and creatives. Together we share design inspiration, resources, and tools for your patient-centered medical, dental, healthcare practice or beauty business!


When you wake up in a pool of blood

About ten years ago Arianna Huffington collapsed in her office and woke up in a pool of blood, with a broken cheekbone and a cut over her eye. 😳 After extensive medical testing, her docs came back with a simple diagnosis: 👉 exhaustion 👈. I don't know about you, but I...

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This helps when you’re having a 💩 (poopie) day

You know those days when you're at the office or in your wellness space and nothing feels right. You have no idea why you feel kinda sad (other than the regular stresses) and yet this particular day feels like what my husband and I call those "poopie" days. Somehow,...

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💰 Money, feng shui and your wellness space

Today I've got a brand new episode for you on The Wellness Design Podcast! Here's the subject: 💰 Money, Feng Shui and your wellness space! I know I've talked about this subject on the podcast before, but... today I go deeper into the subject of the green stuff with a...

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