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I’m up extra early this morning, sitting in quiet time and saying goodbye to my front tooth.

No, it didn’t fall out last night accidentally, haha. I’m going to visit my brother (the dentist) this morning to intentionally have it drilled down to its stump. (Am I crazy? No, I just want a new healthy and beautiful front tooth.)

For a second I thought about walking around for two weeks with a big hole in my mouth where my front tooth once lived, while the brilliant lab technicians make my new (and beautiful) tooth.

But… nah, that wouldn’t be good considering I have clients to serve and I’m not sure how people would react if they saw a big black hole in my mouth. (I giggle just thinking about it)

So, instead of a gaping hole, I’ll have a temporary front tooth that will be glued on just enough so my brother can easily remove it when I return to get my new forever front tooth installed.

That means during the time I have my temporary tooth, there is a chance if I make a false move with my mouth by biting into something that is hard or chewy, it could pop off. (More giggles)

Of course, I know all of this is temporary, and in the end, I will have a beautiful new smile.

Why am I sharing this with you today and what does it have to do with your wellness space?


When you are ready to transform your wellness business into a patient-centered referral generating dynamo, there’s going to be a transition period during which time you may have an ugly or empty space that feels uncomfortable or downright embarrassing.

Change can be hard sometimes, especially for those of us who are not used to it.

But… what I can tell you about creating a new design in your wellness space, is that your ROI is big in every way.

Here’s what one of my clients in Vancouver, Washington recently said about my new design of her medical office and treatment room:

“My patients love my new space! They say it is bright, but cozy and the dark ceiling feels like a hug. Cheryl’s design was a game changer for my business which is now expanding online to health and wellness webinars.

I’ve gained more respect from my patients and peers, and my confidence has skyrocketed during my meet and greets. I feel empowered in my work!”

—- Dr. Michelle Winchell ND, Earth Friendly Medicine, Vancouver, WA

So next time you’re going through a design change in your space and you feel triggered all over the map, remember my story about my front tooth.

I hope it makes you smile big.

And if you’re ready to start creating a healing wellness environment that your peeps will lovingly pay you for, start with a new coat of paint:

With love from your temporarily toothless designer,