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Dear Friend,

I get it.

I get how busy you are and the constant stress you’re under doing the work you love.

As a solopreneur, you’re responsible for a heck of a lot.

I also get how important it is for you to take restorative breaks throughout your day and how your level of well-being is imperative to providing the best possible care for your patients.

Designing a patient-centered practice means taking care of you first.

Remember the flight attendant’s safety instructions: “First put on and secure the oxygen mask, and then assist the other person?”

**Head nodding up and down**

That means your well-being comes first.

We, as women, are the biggest offenders of not putting ourselves first when we need to.

I recently designed an office space for Dr. Bernetta Avery–a Pediatrician who opened The Pediatric Practice in Portland, Oregon in 2015.

Dr. Avery is passionate about her work and desired a nurturing area in her office for her personal use.

Here’s my design of her new office space: one side of the room is her desk area and where she will meet with parents of her young patients.

The desk side:


The other side of the room has been designated as a private restorative space for Bernetta and her kids when they come to visit their mom.

Here’s the restorative area:


An upholstered chair, soft rug, faux fireplace, bench area (for toy storage) and a wall of family photos define Dr. Avery’s cozy personal space.

And although she is still implementing her new design, here’s what she said about working in the new space so far:

“More openness & meaningful order has resulted in me enjoying my office space and experiencing less fatigue. I actually do not leave the office depleted the way I used to. That is big given my job is one of healing.” –Dr. Bernetta Avery

It doesn’t take much to create a special spot just for you at work.

It does take intention.

You deserve it and I can help.

If you’re ready to discuss a design project, read this.

Yours In Health,


P.S. To learn more about Dr. Avery and her work, visit The Pediatric Practice.