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Hi Sweet Peeps,

Some of the pushback I get when wellness and health professionals resist redesigning their medical offices or health spaces oftentimes has to do with feelings of shame for having a waiting room or treatment room that looks too much “like a spa.”

Some docs and healthcare practitioners simply think it’s too egocentric to have a space that is beautiful and feels like a hug.

They might say, “People will think we’re too expensive.” Or “It’s just not appropriate.”

My big wellness design message for you today is this:

That kind of thinking will keep you playing small in a world that needs you to be big.

Here’s the truth:

Patient surveys have shown the number one issue patients care about is the deinstitutionalization of medical and health spaces.

And when broken down even further, here’s what your patients and clients want from your space:

  • A comfortable waiting room that feels like home
  • A treatment room that feels safe and relaxing
  • Maximum daylight, views out the window of nature or nature art prints on the walls

One of the most important design aspects of your wellness space is that it is a reflection of you, your style and your personality.

So, if, for example, elephants are your secret animal totem, then display photographs of them in beautiful nature settings throughout your clinic or in your exam rooms.

The reflection of your personality in the design of your space will prompt questions from your clients. 

And this encourages communication and helps to build long lasting relationships.

By putting your personality into the design of your healthcare practice or wellness business, you humanize your environment.

As Oprah often likes to say, “When the personality comes fully to serve the energy of its soul, that is authentic empowerment.”

And as one of Pink Floyd’s most famous lyrics says, “Shine on you crazy diamond.”

Your patients will love you for it.

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Yours Wholeheartedly,