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Yesterday morning felt like the first day of Spring.

I sat outside in the sunshine, closed my eyes and soaked up the healing qualities of the light, cool breezes and the singing birds in HD stereo.

It was my first truly slow day in a two-week-high-velocity-creative-output-of-energy-time birthing a smörgåsbord of free design tools for you and starting a new daily podcast which I think you are going to super dig. [I’ll share more deets with you soon, I promise.]

I. am. seriously. pooped.

Have you been feeling this Speedy Gonzales energy of late?

And if so, how has it been showing up for you at work?

How are your staff, patients and clients feeling it?

I’m a huge advocate of embracing the belly of fire energy and with some of you that I’ve worked with before, I’ve loved watching you create magic in your wellness and healthcare spaces.

It’s inspiring.

Especially when you listen to your inner guidance.

What I admire most about your nurturing, beautiful and safe wellness and healthcare space is how she or he carries all of us through the ups and downs of life, with open arms.

I deeply love and appreciate how your patient-centered space offers unconditional love, always showing us there is hope.

Slow and steady wins the race [with a few sprints in-between.]

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With love and magic in my heart,