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Dear Ones,

Last Friday was an emotionally heavy day for millions of us as we sat by and watched a strange orange man [who many are now calling Voldemort] officially step into the most important seat in the country.

On inauguration day, I chose to sit quietly, stay present and focus on my commitment to making positive changes in my life and in the lives of docs and wellness professionals that benefit BIG from learning how to create patient-centered environments for their peeps.

My mood shifted the very next day into bad-ass optimistic mode as I started to read the reports of the sheer numbers of women, men and children across the world who showed up to march against the new POTUS and all that he [and those in his cabinet] stand for.

Did you know that Saturday’s Women’s March was the biggest one-day protest in US history with an estimated 2.9 million people in attendance?

MLK Jr. would’ve been proud.

There were so many wildly creative signs flashing about.

The sign above was my favorite and made me giggle hard.

You see, I’m an introvert and I don’t particularly enjoy large crowds even for an important cause like Saturday’s march.

And yet, after seeing this sign, I felt like my introvert peeps were there representing the millions of introverts at home protesting the new government in a quieter way.

​Did you know that half of the US population are introverts, or at least fall along the introvert side of the spectrum?

And that means there is a very high chance a large chunk of your patients and clients are introverts.

When your waiting room feels too sterile with haphazard wall art thrown up at the last minute and the overhead fluorescent lighting fixtures have been there for umpteen years… and your chairs are hugging the walls, lined up next to each other like cadets waiting for their drill sergeant to give his or her orders, it’s a very bad experience for everyone… but especially for your introvert peeps.

Introverts [and those on the introvert spectrum] tend to notice more details about spaces.

And, more importantly, those of us who are sensitive introverts will notice how your wellness or health setting feels.

If you are an introvert yourself, you can definitely relate to how your patients and clients might be experiencing your health space and how that can effect business.

If you’re an extrovert, I know you still want your patients, clients and team to feel the best they can in your space because your health setting is a reflection of you and your wellness business.

Get the help you need to start changing the design of your waiting room and treatment rooms into a beautiful healing space.

No matter where you and your business are located on our planet, this is the easiest, quickest and most affordable way I can help: