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Hi Possoms,

Did you know that 30 to 40 million people in the United States avoid seeing the dentist because they suffer from dental anxiety and phobia even when thinking about going to the dentist?

That’s a lot of peeps missing out on getting their oral hygiene up to snuff and lost business for you.

The anxiety is bad and I can relate.

I’m about to make an appointment to visit my brother [the dentist] in his office for some dental work.

Lucky for me, the design of my brother’s dental office is soothing and calming to my nervous system.

**Deep breath**

Because the experience of visiting the dentist can make your patient’s blood pressure skyrocket through the roof, designing patient-centered waiting rooms and treatment rooms can instantly create a wave of much needed calming energy.

Here’s an example of a dentist waiting room before I redesigned the space:

And here is an after photo of that same space:

Big difference right? The patients, docs and staff thought so too.

Within 6 months referral business grew to 60% and patients regularly commented on how calm they felt while waiting for their appointments.

My big design lesson for your today is this:

It doesn’t take much to create a patient-centered space your patients love that also helps grow your business.

The above waiting room, for example, was repainted a nurturing wall and ceiling color, affordable new furniture pieces were purchased, pillows were repurposed, new lighting and pergo flooring were installed.

No walls were torn out, no new and expensive electrical wiring needed to be installed and overall, it was a manageable process that took about one month over four weekends to complete.

Not bad, right?

And pretty manageable right?

Get the help you need to get out of your SpongePants now and get to work making your wellness business more profitable and nurturing for your peeps:

With love and pearly whites,