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Today I was listening to one of my favorite design podcasts — A Well Designed Business¬†with guest Interior Designer Rachel Laxer.

Rachel shared how she likes to start the design of room around a star–a single beautiful design piece that becomes the focal point in a room in the same way an actor like George Clooney takes center stage in a film.

In other words, pick your favorite rug, piece of furniture, a beautiful light fixture or artwork and design the space so that piece is the star of the show, and let other design elements be the supporting actors.

For example, when you think about redesigning your waiting room, what design item would you like to stand out?

What would you, your staff and patients love to see each time you/they stepped into your reception?

Maybe it’s your orange, ergonomic chairs with hi-density foam cushions that make your patients feel like they are being held in someone’s arms?

Or, perhaps it’s a stunning chandelier that hangs down and casts a brilliant and magical sparkling light around the room, enveloping patients sitting beneath it in golden light like my client Dr. Kristin Sulis did when I helped her design her Veterinary clinic in 2008:


**cue warm fuzzy feeling inside**

Whatever it is, make that piece the star of the show and start your patient-centered design from this vantage point.

Then all the other design elements in the room can be supporting actors and compliment the star in every way.

Make sense?

So tell me, “If you could wave a magic wand and have one gorgeous and stunning design piece in your healthcare clinic or office that you absolutely love, what would it be?”

With love and stars in my eyes,


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