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Do you lean towards perfectionism or… all or nothing thinking?

You know, that tendency to want that remodel or redesign done ALL at once, like NOW and in spectacular fashion…

… And sometimes you end up doing nothing because it can get really overwhelming or expensive and paralyzing… and suddenly you can’t see the forest for the trees?

Yeah… me too. I used to be one of those people and it caused me a lot of suffering and unnecessary stress.

Here’s one of my biggest secrets to creating a nurturing, beautiful and cozy healing space your patients and staff LOVE…

Start small and finish what you start.

Here’s what I mean:

When thinking about the redesign or new design of your practice, imagine what small thing you could do today to make things better.

For example, there might be those burnt out lightbulbs that need replacing.

Replace them now and notice how the energy instantly lifts.

Or… how about hanging some crystals in the windows to project rainbows onto the walls? This, too, will help give your space an infusion of positive energy.

Natural light projected into your space is instantly healing. Here is one of my favorite hanging crystals on Amazon for $4.95.

Or… how about giving yourself permission to do one new design improvement a month to your practice? Maybe over a weekend where you get your staff involved, too.

Maybe you’ll decide on a new paint color for the waiting room and schedule a paint party where staff and even patients help out.

Your “paint party” can include things like painting hearts and peace signs, fairies and positive affirmations on the walls with a brush before you roll on the paint, bringing love and joy into the space and your practice.

Sounds FUN right?

My point? There are so many creative ways to start out small and build your practice into the place of your dreams.

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Take small steps and see how rewarding it can be.

Now tell me, “Is there anything that pops into your head about something in your healing space that can be tweaked maybe today or even this weekend?”

What’s holding you back?

Read this if you need help revamping your wellness space now.

With love from your biggest supporter,