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Dear Ones,

In 2007, I went through one of the most challenging break-ups of my life.

I saw a therapist during that time to help me transition into a new chapter in my life.

It was intense.

And it was the best thing I ever did for myself.

I loved my therapist. During our sessions, he was deeply present with me, listening to every word without judgment, and offering the kindness of a beloved Buddhist monk.

I felt deeply grateful.

His techniques were right in line with what worked for me, flawlessly blending both eastern and western philosophies.

Every Friday at a quarter til noon, I sat waiting for my appointment in the shared reception area of his practice.

Ten minutes before the top of the hour, the door to his office opened and his previous client left.

Another ten minutes passed before he called me in.

One day, he shared that the time in-between his appointments was spent quietly meditating and resting in order to be available for his next client.

I had never seen anyone do this before and to be honest, it’s rare that I see health and wellness practitioners take care of themselves in-between sessions or appointments.

They are often too busy, overworked and/or don’t make it a priority.

And yet… it’s more than ever to make self-care at home and at work a priority.

As we get ready to move into 2017, post-election stress is expected to rise.

Uncertainty of how the new government will change life as we know it and that of our brothers and sisters, and mothers and fathers is contributing to more collective fear.

Your work as a physician, healthcare practitioner or wellness professional is needed.

Your patients and clients need you. You need you.

Physician burnout is on the rise.

The good news is that taking a five minute break once an hour (in between your appointments) has been proven to help your brain recharge, refuel and return to work with a renewed sense of purpose.

Your environment can help.

3 Easy Ways Your Wellness Space Or Office Can Encourage You To TAKE A Restorative Break

  1. Make sure your work space has a comfortable upholstered chair for you to sit on during your five-minute or longer rest breaks.
  2. Create an easy-to-access music area. On the table next to your comfortable upholstered chair, place a wireless docking station for your iPhone or smartphone. During your five-minute break, put on your headphones, close your eyes and listen to your favorite song while taking long deep breaths.
  3. Gather your favorite restorative tools in a special bag. Imagine you are about to travel on an airplane for several hours. What would you bring to make that trip more comfortable?

Inside your bag place things like a soft eye pillow, hand cream, your favorite lavender essential oil, specialty tea bags, rose water spray, etc. Keep your special bag at work and utilize your tools in-between appointments.

Move self-care at work higher up on your priority list, like in the number one position.

Get started on creating a wellness space you love by learning what paint colors create a nurturing atmosphere here:

With Love and Self-Care,