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“LIKE A @#&!%!@ BOSS!”

That’s what a recent client said when she made some small but powerful changes to her office.

I recently worked with another client who stepped into his power by reclaiming the Feng Shui wealth power position of his clinic–the rear left from the perspective of the front door. (The rear right is the Feng Shui relationship power position).

The energy of that shift was palpable when I was in the space.

Here’s what I’ve learned over the past 14 years of helping healthcare practitioners, doctors and wellness professionals move into the power position of their clinics, treatment rooms and offices:

#1. Self-esteem rises and reaches new heights. You and courage become besties. You do things in your business you thought you’d never do and it pays off.

#2. Patients, clients and staff respect you more, listen more attentively and trust your advice.

#3. You might even say out loud, “Like a boss” like my client did after she sat in the power position in her office.

If you’ve ever wondered about the Feng Shui power spot in your healthcare office, clinic, treatment room or wellness space, then you’re going to love episode 56 of The Wellness Design Podcast, “Where is my power position and why is it important that I sit in it?”

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