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A few days ago I drove two hours to Kainos Dental Lab; the people who made my new forever porcelain front tooth.

I had no idea what to expect.

I only knew that (per my dentist brother’s instructions) I was to come to the lab sans my temporary front tooth so the lab master, Andrew, could create a custom shade which would then be baked for 20 minutes, wrapped in a small box, handed off to me and then driven to my brother’s office so he could do his magic of putting my mouth back together to create my new gorgeous smile.

Ah, technology.

Andrew grabbed a folding chair, set it up outside in the shade and after moving it around for a bit until it was in the perfect light, asked me to have a seat.

I had no idea what he was going to do, only that somehow out of this process, I would be united with my new forever front tooth in all of its porcelain glory.

Two weeks earlier I had sat through 3 hours in the dental chair while my old broken porcelain tooth was drilled down to my original stub, and lived with a temporary tooth (that fell off several times and needed to be held in with some Fixodent) until this moment.

Now outside seated in the chair, I imagined Andrew would hold up a bunch of existing different shades of teeth and then choose the best one from an existing selection.

Nuh uh.

This custom porcelain tooth business is an art.

Andrew, the artist,¬†continued by placing my new forever tooth temporarily in its future home in my mouth, instructing me to hold my mouth open with my fingers (I can’t show you here, it’s too embarrassing) and wait.

He left and came back a few moments later with a painter’s palette of colors in one hand and a small painter’s brush in the other.¬†(See above photo)

I felt like a blank canvas as he dipped his brush into several different colors and painted them onto my tooth, stopping in-between to study his work and then repeating the process until the stained tooth was to his exact liking.

But mostly, I was in awe of this man’s gift. I mean, he was totally and completely in the zone of his genius as he dipped and dabbed the brush into various colors, brushing it onto my tooth back and forth.

It was a moment when I (Cheryl) dissolved into the background and what remained was Andrew and his art.

There were no scientific calculations involved. Only one man’s mastery at work living out hundreds of accumulated years in the mouths of his clients’ patients.

My brother recently told me that because of advancements in technology, dental labs like these are fewer and farther between in cities across the country.

And yet, this lab tech is bustling and busy.



Andrew has tapped into his genius and stayed the course while he (and his partner Will) built their business into a financially profitable one.

Of course, there’s more to building a successful business than just painting a person’s teeth the best shade.

And yet, because of this unique service, Andrew is memorable. His business stands out from the crowd.

My brother admits to preferring Kainos over others.

And I can see why.

From the moment I walked into the lab, the service felt very personal, unique and badass.

I left thinking, “Wow, that was so unique. I was a canvas and now with my new tooth, I feel like a Picasso.”

My big message to you?

When you align your genius or what makes your work stand out from the crowd with your healing environment, you become memorable.

And that memorable-ness is what your perfect patients and clients are looking for.

If you’re ready to uncover your genius and transform your business into a compassionate powerhouse of prosperity take the first step here:

With love from me and my new Picasso smile~