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Recently I redesigned my dermatologist client’s teensy, itsy bitsy, windowless office that boasted a single, glaring overhead fluorescent light that made me feel like I was in an interrogation room at a police station.

(Above: Before image)

Not a great work environment for a busy medical doctor taking care of 30 patients a day, right?

Here’s the thing.

The practice is a multi-room clinic with well-respected docs and a good reputation in the community.

And yes, the entire clinic needed my help.

But only one doctor asked. (I did reach out previously to the office manager…)

So, what happened after I redesigned my client’s teensy, itsty bitsy, windowless, closet sized space?

A lot.

5 (high res)
(Above: After image/rendering)

Almost immediately, one of my client’s admin staff gave her a long bear hug and said, “I’m so happy for you! We all felt so sorry for you.”

And… suddenly, staff and other docs (including the practice’s owner and physician) started visiting more regularly, wanting to hang out. (True story.)

Other admin staff shared how much they LOVE sitting at my client’s new desk while she is away taking care of her patients.

Here’s what my client had to say about it:





“Cheryl took a lifeless, uninspired, windowless box and transformed it into my personal mini-work retreat. A new wall color, artwork that feels like I’m looking out a window, a new desk, ergonomic chair, lighting and other personalized accessories NOW lift my heart as soon as I walk in the room.”  — Dr. Judith Hong, Cosmetic Dermatologist

My big message to you today:

When it come to redesigning your medical office or healing space, size does NOT matter.

A small change to your healing space can create a ripple effect — nurses and other practitioners feel so good in your space, they want to recreate that feeling in their own spaces and patients feel so nurtured and cared for, they share the experience with friends and family.

That’s YOU healing the world.

Get the help you need now to start designing a patient-centered space everyone loves.

Your Biggest Supporter,


Interior Designer Mill Valley, Marin County, San Francisco, CA